The Erawan Group is managed on the principle of good corporate governance.

Good Corporate Governance 2014

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Good Corporate Governance


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The business is run in compliance with the laws and on the basis of the Business Code of Conduct where information is disclosed in a transparent and straightforward manner. We have also put in place efficient auditing mechanisms. We operate our business by taking into consideration our responsibility in every aspect to shareholders and stakeholders, the structure of our Board of Directors, supervision mechanisms and efficient management responsibility. Aside from complying with the OCED's best practices and ASEAN CG Scorecard, we also implement other best practices normally practiced overseas; for example, The Erawan Group have set up four sub-committees to help supervising each task or the fact that our board consists of as much as 46 percent of Independent Directors out of the entire board. With regard to corporate governance, The Erawan Group has set up the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (NCG) to regularly review and update corporate governance policies and practices so the company will continue to have up-to-date criteria that it can be actually implemented. To comply with the policy, the President has been directed to promote corporate governance among staff of all levels.

The Erawan Group has signed the Collective Action Coalition (CAC), a movement established by the Thai private sector against corruption and certifies that the company to declaration on anti-corruption by putting in place good business principles and control against briber. (Full Member of the CAC) and got a level 4 "Certified" Anti-Corruption Progress Indicator Completed. Project Sustainable Development by Thaipat Institute and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Erawan Group also ensures that staff understands the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where business is run by properly taking into consideration the interest of all stakeholders whether they are employees and family, customers, suppliers/creditors, competitors, public sector, society and environment. The Erawan Group regularly conducts an opinion survey of stakeholders. Results of the survey are used to improve business efficiency and to be one of the factors evaluating our staff performances annually.

Translated from "the Erawan Elephant Museum and the faith of its maker" Erawan Museum, Samutprakarn.